Our main goal is to be able to offer the same quality and taste in every cup.

We have a special wholesale service for all coffee shops, restaurants and other forms of coffee sellers who have this coffee obsession and want to take that dream to the next level. Anyone who wants to see United Coffee Beans' freshly roasted, delicious coffee beans in their business and offer it to their guests can take advantage of this opportunity.

We see all the companies we work with as business partners, not as clients. Within this business partnership, we provide the following wholesale and consulting services.

  • New concept, architectural design and bar construction
  • Designing a menu
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans every week
  • Coffee, barista training
  • Cafe management training
  • Provision support of coffee brewing equipment
  • Technical service

All business entrepreneurs and managers operating in the field of coffee can work with us in the field of wholesale purchase. We look forward to sharing the quality, freshly roasted coffee beans and expertise of United Coffee Beans with you.



Please briefly give us an idea of what you are looking for in a wholesale relationship when it comes to serving coffee in your business. If you have specific needs (equipment, training, service), be sure to let us know and we will see if the right accommodations can be made.