SCA BarIsta SkIlls Intermediate

SCA BarIsta SkIlls Intermediate
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The SCA Barista Skills Intermediate course is a fundamental barista course focused on espresso theory. It is suitable for beginners and those who have worked as baristas for up to 2 years. The duration of the course is 3-7 days and includes an international SCA certificate. Students who have completed the Barista Skills Foundation course can attend the Barista Skills Intermediate training. It is ideal for individuals who already possess barista skills and want to explore how to improve their coffee knowledge and quality, as well as prepare for the functional aspects of a barista job.

SCA BarIsta SkIlls Intermediate

Topics covered in the program:

  • The history of coffee
  • Coffee beans
  • Development of the coffee industry
  • Types of coffee and their growing regions
  • Coffee cultivation and harvesting methods
  • The roasting process and its impact on the taste of coffee
  • Freshness of coffee
  • Coffee taste analysis (Cupping)
  • Espresso brewing process (explanatory/practical)
  • Alternative coffee brewing methods (explanatory/practical)
  • Water
  • Workplace cleanliness, maintenance, and management
  • Milk beverage preparation process – Latte art (explanatory/practical)
  • Coffee taste analysis (Cupping)
  • Service and Cafe management

Students who successfully complete assignments during the training and pass the exam at the end will receive an international SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and United Coffee Academy certificate. All students who receive training are invited to join the UCA closed group. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to attend various events organized within UCB and get acquainted with baristas and behind-the-bar processes.

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