Costa Rica

Price: 20 AZN
Arabica Type CASTİLLO
Location HUİLA
Processing Type YUYULMUŞ
Growing Height 1600 - 2400M

Our Costa Rica Coffee promises a pure and unadulterated coffee experience that aficionados will cherish. Whether you enjoy it as a pour-over or a finely crafted espresso, you'll be transported to the pristine landscapes of Costa Rica with every sip.

Costa Rica Coffee, sourced from the picturesque region of Tarrasu, embodies the essence of this lush and pristine Central American nation. Nestled at elevations ranging from 1200 to 1800 meters, these beans flourish in the ideal climate and terrain, resulting in a flavor profile that's truly exceptional.

Our Costa Rican Coffee is a captivating blend of two renowned Arabica varietals: Caturra and Katuai. Each varietal brings its unique characteristics, contributing to a coffee that's distinguished by its crisp and clean flavors.

Costa Rica boasts a rich coffee heritage, and our beans reflect the commitment and passion of local farmers who have perfected the art of coffee cultivation. With volcanic soil, abundant rainfall, and the perfect altitude, Tarrasu is a region renowned for producing coffee beans with a delightful balance of flavor and aroma.