Price: 20 AZN
Arabica Type SL 38, SL 28, RUIRU 11
Processing Type WASHED
Growing Height 1680 M

Descriptions: Sweet pineapple, black currant, red berry, wine acidity

Kenya is known for growing some of the most intense coffees in the world. The coffees are rich in fruity acidity while maintaining a heavy body. Somepeople believe this is drawn from the red volcanic soils surrounding Mount Kenya. But variety, micro-climate, altitude, and the adequatebalance of rain and sunshine play an essential role in the definition ofthis high quality coffee. The Gachami Coffee Factory is in a part of Kirinyaga County in central Kenya, one of the world’s most renowned coffee growing origins, located between the fertile highlands of the Mount Kenya Forest Reserve and the Mountain Range of Aberdare, 105km from the capital city of Nairobi. Fully Washed blend from smallholders in Kirinyaga County in Nyeri is packed with intense and complex fruit flavours.